Failmap is a web application that continuously scans and evaluates (government) organization websites for security best practices and shows results on a map for public naming, shaming and faming.

Chat via gitter.im or IRC: #internet-cleanup-foundation/Lobby on irc.gitter.im

E-mail is also an option: info@faalkaart.nl.

Community meetups / Cyberthons

If you're joining for the first time, just announce at the gitter chat or via mail.

No need to bring food and drinks, unless you need something specific.

If you want to do a spontaneous meeting, just shout out in the chat.

  • Sat 7 Apr, 13:37 @ ???
  • Sat 12 May, 13:37 @ ???
  • Sat 9 June, 13:37 @ ???
  • ? Sat 14 July, 13:37 @ ???
  • ? Sat 11 August, 13:37 @ ???
  • ? Sat 15 Sept, 13:37 @ ???

You can expect: a tour of the facility, working with awesome people, creating new things, making plans, seriously advanced trolling, unlimited club mate (and other drinks), candy and dinner.

Scheduled presentations/events

All below events are public, you either need to buy a ticket or simply register (in time).

Request for speaker: info@internetcleanup.foundation.

  • 30 Mar-02 Apr, Talk
    @ Easterhegg, W├╝rzburg, Germany
  • 10 Apr, Fail Game, Interview
    @ Hack Talk (#6), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • 31 Aug-02 Sep, Village
    @ EMF Camp, Eastnor, United Kingdom
  • 27 Dec-30 Dec, ???
    @ Chaos Communication Congress, ???, Germany


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  • Gitlab
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  • Internet Cleanup Foundation
  • Compliancy


    This quickstart results in this:

    Including a nice admin interface:

    1: Install dependencies on your system

    Setup your system to run this software using your favourite package manager.

    MacOS (brew)

    brew install git python3 direnv

    Debian Linux (apt)

    apt-get install git python3 direnv

    Redhat/CentOS (yum)

    yum install git python3 direnv

    2: Install direnv correctly

    Then set up direnv, the right command depends on your shell:


    Add the following line at the end of the ~/.bashrc file:

    eval "$(direnv hook bash)"

    Make sure it appears even after rvm, git-prompt and other shell extensions that manipulate the prompt.


    Add the following line at the end of the ~/.zshrc file:

    eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"

    Add the following line at the end of the ~/.config/fish/config.fish file:

    eval (direnv hook fish)

    Add the following line at the end of the ~/.cshrc file:

    eval `direnv hook tcsh`

    3: Generic install steps

    Install Tox, which helps to install the rest of the dependancies of this project.

    pip3 install --user tox

    In a directory of your choosing:

    download the software

    git clone --recursive https://gitlab.com/failmap/failmap/

    enter the directory of the downloaded software

    cd failmap/

    This prepares the shell environment for local development.

    direnv allow

    Running Tox once creates a development Virtualenv in .tox/default/ which is automatically used after creation due to Direnv setup. Running Tox without arguments by default also runs basic checks and tests to verify project code quality.


    After completing succesfully Failmap is available to run. For example, to show a list of commands:

    failmap help

    Now run the following command to start a full development server.

    failmap devserver

    Now visit the website, here and/or the admin website, here ( (credentials: admin:faalkaart).

    4: Optional steps

    This shows the current data on the map:

    failmap rebuild_ratings

    Give everyone an F rating!